A 3lb 1oz Eden Brown Trout

April in Eden

Eden saw a wet start to April and our rivers were out for most of the first week. They were dropping back and fishable by the 7th. The water temperature was still pretty low; it was down at 6°C but that didn’t stop the Large Dark Olives from hatching in force. A few fish were […]

The Large Dark Olive

The Beast from the East

The ‘Beast from the East’ has certainly taken it’s toll in the first two weeks of the new trout season. Apparently this weather system with it’s ominous nickname was driven in by winds from Siberia, bringing bitterly cold weather and snow to much of the country. Most of the snow at lower levels had disappeared […]

An Eden Grayling in November

In like a lamb and out like a lion!

November started dry and relatively mild. Most outings during the first ten days saw hatches of midge, trickles of Large Dark Olive and short periods of rising fish. It was nice to have the opportunity to do some spider fishing, instead of what tends to be the customary winter task of plumbing the depths with […]

My first grayling of October

October grayling in Eden

Well, here we go again! ‘Another unsettled month in Eden’. Chasing October grayling wasn’t a complete washout, but it was another very wet month. Our rivers were high, and often unfishable for most of it. Now they – the weathermen – are forecasting the coldest winter for years, with temperatures predicted to plummet over the […]

My best trout of the 2017 season

September – a great end to the 2017 trout season

It seems to have become a common theme over the past few months: ‘Another unsettled month in Eden’. September started off dry and cold, but it didn’t last. Another spell of wet weather blew in from the west on the 4th and the river began to rise on the 5th. Luckily, the first few days […]

An Eden Brown Trout is returned

August in Eden

July’s unsettled weather and fluctuating water levels continued into August. The rivers seemed to spend most of the month either rising or falling and carrying a touch of colour. Alan is into a fish on a falling Eden That was the case for Alan’s visit: the river had been up the night before, but it […]

A good session on the spiders for Doug

Riding on a jet stream

July was a challenging month in Eden. The weather was very unsettled – especially in the latter half of the month – and river levels were constantly changing. Apparently it’s the Jet stream that’s to blame: it’s much further south than it should be at this time of year and it’s dragging one low pressure […]

A mixed June

June was a mixed month: we had some beautiful weather with temperatures soaring into the high 20’s. But we also had some very wet weather – including a few thunder storms – at times, which brought the river’s up. We were lucky though and no fishing days were lost to the weather. A midge feeder […]

Great days in May

May was a good month in Eden. Fly life continued to be good and the fish fed well at times. Falls of Black Gnats continued into the early part of the month. Large Brook dun continued to trickle off the water. Iron Blue duns and Olive Upright were still hatching in good numbers on some […]

Some good fish fed in April

A lack of April showers!

Eden in April: I heard on the radio this morning that we’ve had the driest winter for 10 years. Rainfall so far this year was said to be a third of what it normally is – our rivers are still okay at the moment, but a bit of water would be much appreciated! On a […]