A good session on the spiders for Doug

Riding on a jet stream

July was a challenging month in Eden. The weather was very unsettled – especially in the latter half of the month – and river levels were constantly changing. Apparently it’s the Jet stream that’s to blame: it’s much further south than it should be at this time of year and it’s dragging one low pressure […]

A mixed June

June was a mixed month: we had some beautiful weather with temperatures soaring into the high 20’s. But we also had some very wet weather – including a few thunder storms – at times, which brought the river’s up. We were lucky though and no fishing days were lost to the weather. A midge feeder […]

Great days in May

May was a good month in Eden. Fly life continued to be good and the fish fed well at times. Falls of Black Gnats continued into the early part of the month. Large Brook dun continued to trickle off the water. Iron Blue duns and Olive Upright were still hatching in good numbers on some […]

Some good fish fed in April

A lack of April showers!

Eden in April: I heard on the radio this morning that we’ve had the driest winter for 10 years. Rainfall so far this year was said to be a third of what it normally is – our rivers are still okay at the moment, but a bit of water would be much appreciated! On a […]

Large Dark Olive

We’re off!! A new season in Eden

It’s been an interesting beginning to the new season. The weather has been all over the place and constantly changing since day one (15th March). I normally start to think about and look forward to the new season as soon as the new year starts. The excitement and anticipation never wanes for me and in […]

Grayling time in Eden

Our trout season closed on September 30th and the following day saw the start of what I class as our ‘grayling season’. The time of year – 1st October to 14th March – when we concentrate solely on ‘the lady of the stream’. Mike draws a fish towards the net A quiet start to Autumn […]

The end of another trout season in Eden

Well, that’s another season over in Eden. It’s frightening – and disappointing – how quickly the years pass for me now. It doesn’t seem long since we were starting the season – with some trepidation – in March; wondering what we would be left with after severe winter floods had swept through the system in […]

August fishing on Eden

The final month of Summer

Summer is now officially over – for what it was worth. The autumnal weather of July continued into August, but the fishing in Eden continued to be very good at times. Cloudy, overcast days and lower water temperatures helped improve our fishing during what has been traditionally known as a tough month for us fishermen. […]

An ‘autumnal’ July

The weather seems to be all over the place at the moment. We had a brief hot spell during the third week of July – when we had the hottest day of the year – but apart from that, it was a wet and unseasonably cool month in Eden. The weather was more akin to […]

David with a fish in early June

June in Eden

It’s really great to see youngsters coming into our sport: Sam and Ben joined me for their first go at fly fishing on the final day of May. Both boys picked up the casting really well and both managed to get a decent line out at their first attempt and had the chance of fish […]