Fly Casting Tuition

Fly casting tuition on the River Eden and lakes in Cumbria UK
I am an A.A.P.G.A.I. (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors) qualified instructor at advanced level in the 'Single Handed Rod' category and I can offer beginners and the more advanced, instruction in various single handed casting techniques.

Casting instruction for beginners
Fly fishing is a fantastic sport, but like a lot of other sports/hobbies, without proper guidance it can be a very frustrating experience for the beginner. A lesson with a qualified instructor can start you off on the right track and avoid many of the common faults that sometimes deter individuals from taking up the sport.

On a typical beginners casting lesson we will look at :

  • Tackle advice - a balanced outfit to suit your needs, leader advice Flies etc.
  • The Roll cast - learning the cast, advantages and disadvantages, recognising faults and correcting them
  • The Overhead cast - learning the cast, advantages and disadvantages, recognising faults and correcting them
  • Spey casts - learning the casts, advantages and disadvantages, recognising faults and correcting them

 For the Improver or more Advanced

Improved casting Techniques can really increase your enjoyment of the sport and improve your catch rate.
You can learn to cast better in all conditions, cast further and more accurately.
We all pick up bad habits during our fishing life but not all of us know how to diagnose our faults and rectify them - a lesson with a qualified instructor can point you in the right direction.

Fly casting tuition - looking at the roll cast

A few casts to enhance your fishing experience:

  • Roll Casts
  • Single and Double Hauling
  • Single Spey
  • Snap T
  • Double Spey
  • Circle Spey
  • Snake Roll
  • Perry Poke

Taking the time to learn the other casts that are available to the angler - casts like the various Spey casts (Double spey, Snap T, Circle spey etc.) - will give you many advantages on river or lake. They can open up a lot more of the water to you. Tree lined banks and high banks that would normally hinder your back cast will no longer present a problem. You can learn casts that will help you to cope with adverse weather conditions.

Presentation casts:

  • Reach Mends
  • Aerial Mends
  • Wiggle Cast
  • Pile Cast
  • Parachute Casts
  • Curve Casts
  • Hook Cast

As fly fishermen we are trying to present an imitation of a natural food form to our quarry, so it is often important that our offering travels on or in the water in a similar manner to what we are trying to imitate. Learning a range of presentation casts will help to achieve this and bring more consistent success. Casts like the Reach Mend, Aerial mends, wiggle cast etc will help you to deliver a fly across a river or stream with currents of varying speeds in such a way that you can still acheive an effective drift through a fishes feeding lane.


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