Fly Fishing Tuition

Fly fishing Tuition in the Eden valley Cumbria, UK. Casting and fishing lessons for beginners and the more advanced....

Fly fishing tuition from a qualified Fishing Instructor can provide you with a shortcut to success....

In this day and age when we all lead busier lives and maybe don't have the time to put in years of practice to achieve our fishing goals....

Fly fishing lessons on the River Eden

The following tuition is available as an introduction to fishing or to help improve your skills:

Fly Fishing Lessons are available for anglers of all abilities, from beginner to advanced.

If you are a beginner and have never tried Fly Fishing before you could try a Taster Day, this way you could have a go at casting, learn some basic skills and have a go at fishing before deciding if you want to continue with this great sport.

Casting Tuition for beginners and advanced anglers.

Tuition to suit all abilities - from basic casting techniques for beginners to more advanced techniques including spey casting, double hauling and presentation casts for the more advanced angler.

Fly Fishing Techniques for the beginner and more advanced angler.

Whether beginner or advanced most fishers want to develop their skills and learn the different techniques that will hopefully add to their enjoyment of the sport and improve their catch rate.


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