Group and Family fly fishing days

Fly fishing days can be arranged for groups of friends or families.

Group and family fly fishing days on the River Eden and Lakes in Cumbria UK
This is a great way to spend the day together with Friends of family, learn a new skill, have a bit of banter and, hopefully, catch a few fish.

Group and family days are a great way to spend some time together

Group days are a great chance to spend the day out with friends or relatives and a chance to give the sport of fly fishing ago and learn something new.

Depending on numbers; these days can either be spent on the river or one of the small stocked stillwaters in the area.

For beginners: we will look at the gear required and how to use it before going on to fish and hopefully you catch your first fish 

Family days can be a great day out for all

Family fly fishing days can be a fun day out for all.

These days are normally spent in the relatively safe and beautiful surroundings of a local small stillwater.

For newcomers to this great sport they are a great way of trying it for the first time. We will look at the gear required, how to use it and then we will go on to fish. 

Hopefully you will finish the day with your first fly caught fish


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