'The Eden Angler' is a small company, my aim is to provide first class guiding and instruction in the sport of flyfishing.
The terms and conditions on this page are here to protect both parties ('The Eden Angler' and clients of 'The Eden Angler') from any problems that might arise.

To date this has never been the case and long may it remain so.

All bookings or purchases from 'The Eden Angler' are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Services Provided by 'The Eden Angler'

It is a condition of your booking that you will coming out with us at entirely your own risk and accept that 'The Eden Angler'or any one working on their behalf will not be liable for any damage to your person or property however caused. With this in mind if you are a visitor from overseas we strongly recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance.

For more information see: Eden Angler Safety Notes

It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid Environment Agency fishing licence while fishing with us. These are available at any Post Office or online via the web.

Please make your Guide/instructor aware (if you feel it’s necessary) of any medical conditions you may have such as epilepsy, a heart condition, diabetes, serious allergies, etc


  1. All bookings are to be made directly with 'The Eden Angler', either by telephone, e-mail or in writing. All bookings will receive a written confirmation, either by post or e-mail. Where no confirmation is received it is the client's responsibility to contact 'The Eden Angler' to confirm that a booking is in place. Short notice bookings, i.e. less than 7 days, may not receive written confirmation.
  2. A £50 deposit per day booked is required to secure all bookings, this may be paid by cheque,cash or using the on-line PayPal facilities. Where more than one instructor is required (e.g. larger groups) a £50 deposit, per day, per instructor, is required.
  3. Occasionally, where greater expenses are likely to be incurred by 'The Eden Angler' should a cancellation result, a larger deposit may be asked for. Typical examples would include large groups where a lake is booked for the sole use of that group, where catering has been arranged, boats and/or tickets booked in advance, etc.
    Once your payment is received the agreed date is guaranteed in the diary.
  4. Balances may be paid by cheque or cash, in advance, or on the day of tuition/instruction/guiding/etc. Debit/credit cards may be used in advance by using the on-line PayPal facilities.

Gift Vouchers

In addition to the standard terms and conditions the following terms and conditions are specific to the purchase/redemption of gift vouchers.

  1. Gift vouchers are supplied and made out to the recipient or recipients when payment has been made in full by the purchaser.
  2. Payment may be paid by cheque or cash. Debit/credit cards may be used by using the on-line PayPal facilities.
  3. Where gift vouchers have been purchased, the agreement is between 'The Eden Angler' and the purchaser, not the recipient.
  4. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The expiry date will be printed 0n the gift certificate. The expiry date may only be extended at the discretion of 'The Eden Angler' in very exceptional circumstances.
  5. Once a gift voucher has expired any monies paid to 'The Eden Angler' will be forfeited.


  1. Deposit payments can be made by (A) cheque, made payable to "G. Johnston" and sent to the address below, (B) by credit/debit card, using PayPal facilities on the website.
  2. Deposits are non-refundable except for the reasons given below
  3. The balance is due at the end of the fishing day/s without exception.
  4. Receipt of deposit payments will be acknowledged by e-mail or in writing. Invoices are available upon request.


Cancellations by 'The Eden Angler'

  1. In exceptional circumstances 'The Eden Angler' may need to cancel a period of tuition. Initially a stand-in instructor will be sought to provide services on behalf of 'The Eden Angler'. In the unlikely event that a cancellation is made, all monies paid to 'The Eden Angler' will be refunded, or an alternative date/s will be offered. Any refund is limited to the amount paid to 'The Eden Angler' and not any further expenses incurred by the client/s.
  2. Occasionally we experience adverse weather conditions which can affect fly fishing. Examples include severe wind, extreme cold/frozen water, electrical storms, etc. The final decision of whether to cancel the day due to adverse weather rests solely with 'The Eden Angler'.
  3. The rivers in the Cumbria are fed by rainfall and after periods of heavy rain they can become swollen, dangerous and unfishable. Where tuition is booked to take place on a river the decision to fish, or not, rests solely with 'The Eden Angler'. Any decision made will be based on many years of experience and thorough risk assessment. Safety will not be compromised. You will be offered the choice of using an alternative river that is safe to fish/fishable, re-locating to a lake, postponing to a later date or receiving a refund of money paid (less any postage/admin costs incurred by 'The Eden Angler'). Where possible these decisions will be made in advance using experience and judgement, weather forecasts and advice from third parties (e.g. river keepers), though obviously this is not always possible.

Cancellations by clients of 'The Eden Angler'

  1. When the services of 'The Eden Angler' are booked, and a deposit paid, no further work can be booked for that day. However 'The Eden Angler' realises that occasionally people have unforeseen commitments which may prevent them attending a pre-booked day. 'The Eden Angler' operates a fair cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or change the date of a booking the following will apply:

  • More than 8 weeks notice of cancellation or change - refund of deposit (less any postage/admin costs incurred by 'The Eden Angler') or booking moved to an alternative date.
  • Less than 8 weeks but more than 14 days notice of cancellation or change - loss of deposit if alternative date cannot be found.
  • 14 days or less notice of cancellation or change - loss of deposit
  1. Where a client does not attend at a pre-arranged meeting time our guide/instructor will wait for 60 minutes at the agreed meeting point. If you have not made contact with your guide/instructor and agreed a later meeting time and do not arrive at the agreed meeting point within 60 minutes of the agreed meeting time your day will be deemed to have been cancelled by yourself and all monies paid will be forfeited or a charge may be levied.


In the unlikely event that you have a complaint about 'The Eden Angler', please inform the me so that I can try to rectify the complaint there and then. If this is not possible, for whatever reason, the complaint must be made to me before your departure. Feedback and constructive criticism are encouraged. This may be done anonymously, in writing, if you so wish.


'The Eden Angler' does not disclose your information to third parties. Any credit/debit card details you give are with Paypal, using their secure servers, and are completely safe. I never see details of the transaction other than the items purchased.

Company Information

Trading name: Geoff Johnston trading as 'The Eden Angler'
Address: Blencathra, 13 Alexandra Drive, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2LN