Fly fishing techniques to improve your catches

There is a whole range of different fishing techniques, both on river and stillwater, that anglers can employ to help them improve their chances and catch rate.

We all lead busy lives and can't always get to the water at the right time or in the right conditions. On a river, a hatch of flies or any other surface activity and subsequent rise of fish can be a very short lived affair and on occasions even fly at the surface won't bring all the fish up. So to give ourselves some chance of success it is often advantageous to have other methods at our disposal and knowing how, where and when to use them.

I can teach you how, where and when to use river fishing methods like:

Dry fly fishing - What fly and when, leader set up, appoach and angles of presentation, casting to rising fish and speculating with a dry.

The New Zealand dropper - A very productive method on it's day. Used by anglers all over the world and known by many different names, such as:  The Duo; Klink and Dink; Hopper dropper; Dry dropper; this is fishing with dry fly and nymph combined, we can look at set-ups, when and where to use it, which flies and why.

North Country Spiders - An old North Country tradition of fishing a team of spiders or 'Soft Hackles' Across and Down, Down and Across or Upstream. We can look at different patterns, when and how to use them, leaders, angles of presentation, bite detection etc.

Upstream Nymph - Fishing a single or team of nymphs upstream. We can look at reading the water, leader set up, how to fish them, bite detection etc.

Czech Nymphing or Short line Nymphing - A technique for fishing a team of weighted nymphs at depth and close range, good for trout in certain waters but used mainly for Grayling fishing during the winter. We will look at what flies and when, leader set up, presentation, bite detection etc.

High Sticking - Another nymphing method often used in fast runs and pocket water.

French Leaders - This is a relatively new technique which involves casting with a long tapered leader only or one of the especially developed 'nymph lines'  It is ideal to give good presentation in shallow clear water or for holding your drift in complex currents. Most commonly used in combination with one or two small nymphs, but can be used with dries and spiders. We can look at where and how to fish it, leader set up, presentation and bite detection.

Streamer fishing - Streamers are a very effective and often under-used method in the UK, we will look at lines, leaders, flies, when and how to use them.


For the Stillwater angler....

Traditional Loch style fishing from a drifting boat
Long lining and retrieve rates from boat and bank
Fishing different density lines
Buzzer fishing
Fishing the nymph
The Bung
Dry fly fishing
The washing line

Important note :

Don't forget your fishing licence - Any angler aged 12 years or over will need an Environment Agency rod licence. Daily, weekly or seasonal licences are available at post offices or online at : - If you are visiting from abroad, I can organise your licence for you if required.


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